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When designing, testing, and manufacturing physical parts and systems, engineers need the right machines which are reliable, affordable, and effective. Over the years many trucks have dropped computers, prototyping systems, inspection tools, and other kinds of devices at PADT's back door. We have unpacked them, installed them, and put them to work. The hardware that really stands out over time catches our attention and we find a way to offer it to our customers so that they can see the same benefits.

Proven Tools for Increased Productivity

PADT offers a diverse line of hardware products that reflect the full spectrum of hardware needs in product development. From computers to manufacturing tools, we have become experts with these products by using them on our own projects. When we represent a hardware solution, we partner with the manufacturer to create a strong relationship so that we can add real value for our customers before, during, and most importantly after a sale.

We currently sell and support the following hardware products:

  • The world's most popular Rapid Prototyping Solution: Stratasys, Inc. Their products include FORTUS, Dimension and uPrint manufacturing, prototyping and 3D printing systems.
  • Scanning solutions
  • PADT's very own Support Cleaning Apparatus (SCA) for cleaning parts made on Stratasys uPrint, Dimension and FORTUS systems
  • CUBE High Value Performance Computing (HVPC) Systems designed and built by PADT for FEA and CFD users.

Please take some time to review the links to the right or contact PADT to talk with our sales or technical staff so that we can configure the proper solution for your needs.

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