Geomagic Capture: Accurate and Easy Part Scanning

Geomagic Capture is a family of powerful, integrated scanner and software systems for professional Scan-Based Design and quality inspection. It is available in six application-specific configurations, combining the best of Geomagic software with a compact, ultra-precise blue light LED scanner.

Geomagic Capture enables designers and engineers to incorporate real-world objects into CAD as a seamless part of their engineering work-flow. Geomagic Capture for quality inspection delivers precision scanning integrated with Geomagic’s high-quality inspection tools in a seamless, push-button manner. With unprecedented performance and affordability, Geomagic Capture ushers in a new era of design-to-manufacturing productivity and utility.

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A Solution PADT Can Stand Behind

In the past, if you contacted PADT about scanning parts as a service or to recommend scanning hardware, we usually recommended someone else to talk to. The truth was we tried a lot of solutions and were never happy. Even once when we thought we found a solution, it turned out in practice to not be the solution we were looking for.

Then Geomagic introduced their Geomagic Capture scanner and we put it through the ringer. In the end, we found that it was the first portable scanner that we could use to quickly scan a wide range of parts, that created clean data without a lot of "noise", and that had comprehensive software backing it up that reduced the amount of time it took to get useful information. For the first time, we can confidently offer optical scanning as a service. And we can confidently recommend this solution to our customers.

Here is a short video showing the technology:


Specification Value
Scan Speed 0.3 sec per scan
Field of View (Diagonal)/Near End - Far End 172 - 260 mm
6.77 - 10.24 in
Field of View (X-Y)/Near End - Far End 123x120 - 192x175 mm
4.84x4.72 - 7.56x6.89 in
Clearance Distance 300 mm
11.81 in
Depth of Field 180 mm
7.09 in
Resolution Average Points 985,000 per scan
Average Polygons 1.97 million per scan
Point to Point Distance 0.162 mm
0.000638 in
(at center of volume)
Accuracy / Near End - Far End 60 - 118 microns
Calibration Pre-calibrated


A Compact and Accurate Scanner

The hardware portion of this solution consists of scanning module that uses the latest technology in a well designed package.

A Blue Light LED projector is positioned in the center of the housing, projecting a pattern of blue lines on to the scanning area. Two sensors on either side of the projector then record the resulting pattern for processing. Using the Structured-Light scanning approach, the included software measures how the projected pattern varies and calculates an accurate point cloud representing the surfaces being scanned.

The significant advantage of this approach is that you do not need to calibrate the system, you do not need reference points (reflective stickers) on your part, and you can manually reposition your part to scan all surfaces.

The package design itself is small enough to be easily portable, in fact it comes in a nice box that we recommend you keep to carry it around. Another great design feature is that it does not require any proprietary connection to your computer, it simply plugs into an Ethernet port and into the wall for power, making setup a breeze.

Scan Directly to your CAD, or Leverage Geomagic Tools

The real advantage of the Geomagic Capture scanner is that it is a hardware AND software solution. The software is proven industry leading solutions developed by Geomagic and Rapidform before they were both acquired by 3D Systems. The software takes the scan data and produces clean, usable point clouds as a starter. It then allows you to orient the various scans so they all line up, and clean any extra or random points from the set. You can then use your CAD software, or other Geomagic tools to get the data into a form you need.

Your choice of one of the following four software packages comes with every scanner:

  • Geomagic Capture for SolidWorks
    Add-in software for SolidWorks, that presents the Geomagic tools you need in the SolidWorks interface you are used to working with.
  • Geomagic Capture for SpaceClaim
    Add-in software for SpaceClaim, combining best-in-class scanning, facet, and point cloud tools with a robust direct solid modeler, all in the same interface.
  • Geomagic Capture for Design X
    Powerful and comprehensive advanced reverse engineering that allows you to create feature-based CAD models directly from your scan data.
  • Geomagic Capture for Design Direct
    A bundle that includes SpaceClaim and the Geomagic Capture plug-in as a complete solution for those that do not have a CAD system that supports working with point data. This package is best if you have a CAD package other than SolidWorks or SpaceClaim.

Start Scanning Now

Seeing is believing. Take a look at some of the videos that Geomagic has put on the web to see some great examples, or contact PADT now and we can show you how it works on your parts, the best way to prove out the technology.

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