Scanning Systems

Scanning has become an integral part of both the product development process and life-cycle management once a product is in production. PADT applies extensive experience from providing scanning services to provide solutions to provide in-house scanning solutions to our customers. We pair scanning devices with a line of custom built computers and Geomagic software to deliver a solution that works.

Zeiss 3D Scanning Solutions

The leader in optics for generations is now the leader in 3D Scanning solutions, with both laser and blue light systems. With two families, COMET and T-SCAN, ZEISS has the right solution for your needs.

Both product families are highly accurate and can be used for inspection or reverse engineering. They use the latest sensor technology, outstanding software, and of course the best optics available. Visit our ZEISS 3D Scanning page to learn more.

Geomagic Capture Scanner

The first scanning device that PADT recommends is the Geomagic Capture Scanner. A leader in price/performance, the Capture provides greater ease-of-use and accuracy compared to hand-held laser scanners at about the same price point.

Learn more about the Geomagic Capture blue light scanner here.

Other Scanning Devices

If you don't see an exact fit for your scanning needs, please let us know. We have only listing the most common solutions. Both Geomagic and Zeiss have a multitude of additional models and options.

Let our experts work with you to define your needs. We can assist you in picking the right system, and in providing the software and computer that best meets your needs.

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