A long standing issue that many users face is that when you get done with your FEA or CFD runs you want to share the results.  The most common solution is to create 2D images in your tool and send that to your customers or collaborators.  The problem with this approach is that the recipient only sees the information on the 2D plot.  Another solution is to share the result file, but those files are very large and the recipient must have the same post processing software as you do in order to view it.

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A Free Viewer for 3D FEA and CAD Data

VCollab is the solution to this problem. It takes your simulation results or CAD model and converts them into a special file format called a CAX file. With VCollab you can define up animations, add notes, and annotate the file. The people you share with can view the data with a free viewer, or if they have the full VCollab viewer they can not only view it, but they can interrogate the model.

This solution grew out of real-world needs in the automotive industry, where users of a variety of FEA and CFD tools were trying to share their results around the world. The developers of VCollab designed a file format and a set of tools that would allow a global engineering team to be productive and not loose information.

Share 3D Simulation and CAD Data On the Desktop, On the Web, Inside PowerPoint

VCollab has a wealth of capabilities that have been refined and improved over the years to make it the leading neutral 3D data exchange tool on the market.  Some of the more useful features are:

  • Large file handling capability: Large CAE files are reduced up to 99% for easier portability and visualization. No need to move around and transfer large CAE results files to local systems
  • Integrate CAE data with Simulation Data Management systems. With VCollab, the resulting CAX file can be easily managed within the commercial SDM/SLM/PDM/PLM systems for 3D viewing and long term archiving
  • VCollab's state of the art graphics offers faster post processing, leading to improved productivity for CAE analysts
  • Provides an easy to use 3D CAE Viewer to non-CAE experts to easily understand the FEA/CFD results
  • Leverage existing investments and maximize the utilization of CAD/CAM/CAE Data sets
  • Common viewer for CAD/CAM/CAE reduces the number of software specific viewers
  • View and manipulate any CAD/CAM/CAE file from Laptop/Desktop without native authoring software
  • Highly compact VCollab file format (CAX) reduces storage space, file transfer time and saves network bandwidth
  • Capture the CAD/CAM/CAE knowledge

A Full Product Suite

The needs of users in this area vary greatly, so VCollab has been modularized to provide the right solution for each customer.  The following products are available:

VCollab Pro: This is the tool you use to interactively create VCollab files for sharing with others. It can also be used as a high-end viewer with many additional features. It also allows you to create and save animations, set up standard views, annotate your models, Edit and set up contours, and even do load case calculations. It will work with most CAD tools. If you are working with CAE data, you use VMove CAE to make your CAX file, then set up and edit the CAX file with VCollab Pro.

VCollab Presenter: VCollab Presenter is the state of the art 3D CAX Viewer to view and manipulate the CAX files. VCollab Presenter is light weight, easy to use and is a common viewer to view, manipulate and experience the CAD, FEA and CFD Simulations. VCollab Presenter has excellent interfaces with WEB as well as MS Office documents, making it the most powerful 3D visualization, presentation and collaboration tool.

VCollab Presenter Light: VCollab Presenter Lite is the free viewer to view the CAX files. It extends the core principle of VCollab product line, by providing high performance Visual Collaboration capability. It is built on the high performance graphics architecture of VCollab and provides excellent graphics to view the CAX files. VCollab Presenter Lite is unique as it not only helps in visualizing large assemblies with ease but also allows to play and experience a variety of FEA and CFD simulations.

VMove CAE: VMoveCAE is a direct reader of the native CAE results files, from many CAE software.  VMoveCAE converts the native CAE results files into highly reduced CAX files, for easier sharing and Viewing of Simulation Results.

Find out Why VCollab is the Way to Share your FEA and CFD Information

To learn more about VCollab and how it can make sharing your simulation data much easier, download their brochure or contact Bob Calvin at 480.813.4884 . VCollab Screen Shot VCollab Screen Shot

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