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Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering, often called SLS, is an ideal process for creating large parts that require strength and resistance to heat and chemicals.  Developed in the mid 1980's, this technology uses a laser to draw on the top layer of powdered material.  Everywhere the laser hits, the small particles melt slightly (actually they sinter) and fuse together.  At PADT about 30% of our prototyping jobs are carried out on our Selective Laser Sintering system.

SLS sinterstation system

Big, Strong Parts

Over the years, PADT has found that running  nylon-based materials in our Selective Laser Sintering machine is ideal for many of our customers.  The most common material is a durable white nylon and the other is a  glass-filled  nylon that is light gray in color.  The parts produced are made quickly and have good chemical resistance, strength, and low moisture absorption.  The  glass-filled nylon material is stronger and rigid enough to allow machining and gluing.

One of the least known advantages of SLS parts is that the parts are built within a block of powder, so no supports are needed for overhanging  features; the powder supports such features.  This allows PADT to offer the ability to build assemblies in the assembled state or to build parts with features that would droop or warp when using a different technology.

SLS Hands Holding Gears

Over a Decade of Selective Laser Sintering Experience

Since obtaining a Sinterstation 2500 Plus in 1999, PADT has been building SLS parts almost non-stop, only pausing to upgrade the machine over the years.  Customers come to PADT for their Selective Laser Sintered parts because they have learned the PADT's engineers and technicians really know the  system. They know its strengths and weaknesses, and they know how to get the best parts from it.

Although post processing on Selective Laser Sintering parts is not as critical as on other technologies, since there are no supports, PADT's technicians still take the time to clean each part, remove any surface roughness, and if requested, fill and paint the parts.   With  in-house machining capabilities, we  can also add any machining or holes that our customers may need.

System Sinterstation 2500 Plus
Build Size (in) 13 x 11 x 16.5
Layer Thickness (in) 0.004

Nylon 11 (PA 860)
Glass Filled Nylon 12 (PA 615-GS)

(Equivalent to DuraForm PA and DuraForm GF)

Learn if Your Parts Can Benefit from PADT's Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Experience

The best way to learn about any of our 3D Printing and prototyping options is to request a quote on your part, and we will contact you and explain your options.  If you have questions first, simply contact us

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