Consumer Products and
Smart Products

At the same time that consumers are expecting "smart products", they are also demanding that the products they purchase have better performance and greater durability. This requires higher levels of engineering during product development. PADT's product development group is uniquely qualified to help those who develop and manufacture consumer products meet these often conflicting requirements.

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Design for Style, Function, and Manufacturing

PADT understands the importance of ergonomics and aesthetics in the design of consumer products. To best meet the styling needs of a product, we work with a number of independent industrial designers, chosen on a job by job basis to get the best fit for what is essentially an artistic process. The designer is then guided by PADT's engineers from the first day of a project to make sure the resulting product configuration meets the performance specifications, is robust, and is designed for manufacturability. If a customer already has a design team, PADT can work hand in hand with them to achieve the same goals.

Advanced Engineering for Product Differentiation

A key to success in the consumer product market is having a product that has clear differentiation from its competitors. With PADT's advanced engineering offerings, customers have found that they can count on PADT to implement advanced features that truly differentiate their products. This saves our customers from developing an advanced engineering team in-house, or from working with three or four different outside experts to achieve the same level of capability. PADT has successfully done this with brand new products as well as part of a design improvement cycle for products already on the market.

Let PADT Join the Engineering Team on your Next Consumer Product Development Project

The best way to get a feel for the experience and tools that PADT can bring to your consumer product, especially smart product development, is to contact one of our lead engineers. They can discuss your needs with you and work out a proposal that best meets these needs. You can find out more about our capabilities by taking some time to investigate the rest our Product Development offerings by visiting the links to the right.

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