Custom Rotating Equipment

All of PADT's founders and many of its engineers started their careers working on turbine engines. The design, test, and production of rotating equipment is in our blood and is a skill set that companies from around the world have come to PADT for. Whether you need a pump, a blower, a custom motor, a turbine, or a measurement device – if it rotates or spins on a shaft, PADT has the experience and tools to assist.

Fuel cell hydrogen blower

The Right Performance

Developing the right rotating equipment is all about understanding the performance requirements and configuring a complete system that meets those requirements. PADT uses its knowledge of existing off-the-shelf solutions, our ability to design custom components, our understanding of motors and motor control, and how to integrate all of these pieces together to develop the right systems for our customers. PADT's facility also contains the equipment necessary to assemble and test these systems, even under extreme operating conditions.

PADT focuses on more than just the pump head, shaft, or housing on a piece of rotating equipment. Our experienced electrical and electromagnetics engineers can develop custom electronics, motors, and sensors to make sure your system meets its specific performance goals. This deep knowledge of both the working end and the driving end of rotating equipment is unique and very powerful.

Air blower CAD model

Simulation and Prototyping

Beyond PADT's extensive design, build, and test capability, we also have entire departments dedicated to the use of Simulation and Prototyping for product development. Simulation is critical in the development of rotation equipment because so many questions about performance can be answered early in the development process. With experts in system performance, thermodynamics, fluid flow (CFD), electromagnetics, rotor dynamics, structural, thermal, and vibration simulation PADT is comfortable simulating every aspect of rotating equipment, especially pumps, blowers, and turbines.

Regenerative blower CFD results

Having a full prototyping department in the same facility has similar advantages. When the product goes to testing or production PADT can create prototypes of the needed components using one of the in house rapid prototyping technologies or our CNC equipment. In addition, the molding team is invaluable when it comes to dealing with potting and sealing issues often encountered in pumps.

Applicable Experience and a Vendor Pool ready for your Application

Whether you need a submerged pump head, a blower to pressurize high-temperature gases or a miniaturized turbine for an in-pipe application, PADT's engineers have the experience that can be directly applied. We also have a strong pool of vendors that can assist with specialty needs, manufacturing, and testing that PADT cannot do in house.

Some of the past projects PADT has worked on in this area are:

  • Hydrogen Recycle Blowers for Fuel Cells
  • Down shaft pump heads
  • Custom turbines for in-pipe power extraction
  • Miniature pumps
  • Complex gear boxes
  • Commercial pump characterization

Let PADT Show Off our Rotating Equipment Skills

We are very proud of what we have done, and can do, in the development of custom pumps, blowers, turbines, and meters. Please take some time to investigate the rest our Product Development offerings by visiting the links to the right, or contact us now to talk to our lead engineers about how we can help you with your rotating equipment needs.

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