Machine Design

Independent of specific industries, the task PADT does most often is assisting customers with electromechanical machine design. This type of engineering has unique requirements in terms of experience, tools, and vendors. PADT exceeds in all of those requirements.

Electro-mechanical testing machine

An Integrated Solution for Electromechanical Machine Design

By their nature, machines are complex systems that often involve some combination of electronics, controls, mechanisms, structures, fluid handling, and packaging. These are all areas that PADT's experienced engineers can handle in an effective and efficient manner. The fact that all of these capabilities, coupled with project management and quality, are available at PADT's facilities makes the integration of all aspects easier and more comprehensive. Customers have found that they can come to PADT with a electromechanical machine design specification, and we can take it from concept to design, assemble the device, test it, refine it, and then deliver it to the customer.

Driven by Engineering, with Manufacturing in Mind

Many firms that offer machine design, especial the design of electromechanical systems are either designers or fabricators. PADT is unique in that our design and manufacturing teams consist of engineers working together on projects. There is no need to have two separate teams to work out their differences.

This is not only true of PADT's staff, but also of our facilities. With on-site manufacturing, prototyping, testing, simulation, and design for mechanical and electrical systems, PADT has the resources needed to complete projects from almost any electromechanical design.

Learn how PADT can help Design and Engineer your next Machine

The best way to get a feel for the experience and tools that PADT can apply to your machine design project is to contact one of our lead engineers. They can discuss with you your needs and work out a proposal that best meets your requirements. You can find out more about our capabilities by taking some time to investigate the rest our Product Development offerings by visiting the links to the right.

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