Semiconductor Equipment

Semiconductor Capital Equipment system development, is the design and testing of machines that manufacture semiconductors, flat panel displays, and solar photovoltaic devices. This is an area of expertise at PADT that continues to grow each year. Our staff in for this industry consists of engineers who previously led teams at major semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers. They now help inventors, startups, and major manufacturers improve the state-of-the-art in this industry.

Semiconductor equipment alpha machine

Component Improvement to Full Systems

PADT has the experience, tools, and network of vendors to help Semiconductor Capital Equipment manufacturers in a variety of ways. Many companies come to PADT to evaluate existing components and then improving their performance, by reducing their cost, and modify them to accomplish new tasks. Another common task PADT is asked to do is take a system that is already on the market and modifying it to carry out a new process. Lastly, PADT has been asked to take a brand new process and develop an entire system to carry it out.

A Complete Solution

The breadth of capability found at PADT allows us to have this unique capacity to handle complete system design as well as full system retrofit for semiconductor capital equipment. Engineering knowledge is the foundation, but it is supplemented by in-house simulation, a clean room, test facilities, electrical engineering, software development, quality assurance, and supply systems. These combined with our extensive vendor network allow a complete solution that fits customer's needs.

Find how PADT Can Help You Develop Your Semiconductor capital Equipment

The best way to get a feel for the experience and tools that PADT has in the Semiconductor Capital Equipment industry is to contact our lead engineers. They can discuss your needs with you and work out a proposal that best meets these needs. You can find out more about our capabilities by taking some time to investigate the rest our Product Development offerings by visiting the links to the right.

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