Traditional Inspection and CMM

PADT's offering of a wide variety of high technology tools and processes is backed up by our manufacturing team’s extensive experience and knowledge on traditional inspection methods and the proper usage of Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM inspection.  We understand design and manufacturing, and we know how to apply more traditional inspection methods which give you the data you need.

screenshot of Geomagic qualify probe

Quality, Calibration, Documentation

Inspection of any type is a methodical process.  When PADT inspects parts for customers, whether using gages, calipers, or a CMM, they know that the first place to start is to define a detailed inspection plan.  Once a plan is developed and reviewed, our engineers use quality controlled and calibrated equipment to carry out the required measurements as stated in the plan.  These values are recorded and collected in a detailed inspection report that is designed to meet the quality assurance needs of each customer. 

If your inspection needs do not fit within what PADT can do in-house, we can still develop the inspection plan and work with one of our trusted venders to do the measurements and produce the required reports.  Either way, you can be assured that your inspections will be done correctly and will yield useful data.

When you Need things Measured Right, Count on PADT

Contact our manufacturing engineers to discuss your inspection needs and let us help you develop an inspection plan.

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