Electromagnetic Simulation

The simulation of electromagnetic behavior in products has become more and more important in recent years.  PADT has been involved in carrying out this type of simulation since its founding, focusing on using simulation tools to drive the design of devices with both low and high frequency electromagnetic components.  Our understanding of the simulation methods, and our experience using such devices in our product development efforts, provide a unique advantage to our customers.

Putting Maxwell's Equations to Work

Understanding the physics behind electromagnetic physics is the first step, and PADT's staff has the academic background to really understand what it means.  They also have the industry experience to take that theoretical knowledge to put it to work, as well as the software and hardware tools they need to realize those plans.

Some of the tools PADT uses in this area are:

  • ANSYS Multiphysics
  • ANSYS Maxwell
  • ANSYS Simplorer

Some of the techniques and capabilities used are:

  • Low Frequency Electromagnetics, High Frequency Electromagnetics, Electrostatics, Electrical Current/Voltage
  • Steady State and Transient
  • Mulitphysics co-simulation, especially structural dynamics and heat transfer



Driving Electromechanical Design

Although some of the work that PADT does in this area is oriented towards characterizing electromagnetic fields, most of the projects are focused on driving the design of electromechanical systems where mechanical motion, heat transfer, and rotor dynamics can all play a role in the systems behavior.  PADT's breadth and depth of simulation and design experience fit perfectly with these needs and allow our engineers to deliver on the promise of simulation driven design, even when the complexities of electromagnetics are involved.

Experience PADT Expertise in Electromagnetic Simulation

Please take some time to investigate our breadth and depth of simulation services that we offer by visiting the links to the right, or contact us now to speak to our virtual prototyping experts about how you can leverage PADT’s simulation services.

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