Heat Transfer Thermal Simulation

Designing products to work in extreme temperature regimes and to deal with the heat created by today's electronics and electro-mechanical systems is a challenge.  Customers come to PADT to have our engineering team accurately model all the various aspects of heat transfer and heat generation in an accurate and timely manner.  More importantly, they come to us because we have the experience to suggest and model changes to their design to solve their thermal management needs.

Maximizing Thermal Management

Heat transfer simulation is an area where the wide variety of industry experience held by PADT's engineering staff comes into play.  We can very quickly model complex thermal systems that include a variety of heat generation and heat transfer mechanisms and then optimize the design to meet the customer's thermal goals.

PADT is also somewhat unique in the fact that our staff can use Finite Element and Computational fluid dynamics to simulation heat transfer problems, and combine the two when needed.  This can also then be coupled with our system level modeling tools to provide a truly comprehensive thermal modeling solution.

Some of the tools PADT uses in this area are:

  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • ANSYS Mechanical APDL
  • ANSYS Multiphysics
  • ANSYS Maxwell
  • FLOWNEX Simulation Environment

Some of the techniques and capabilities used are:

  • Conduction, Convection, Radiation
  • Static and Transient
  • Heat Transfer Coefficients and Computation Fluid Dynamics
  • Component, Assembly, or System Level
  • Compact Thermal Models
  • Heat Generation from Electrical, Magnetic, and Chemical Sources
  • Temperature Distribution for Stress, Magnetic, and other Simulations

Design Optimization for Optimal Temperatures

The goal of a heat transfer analysis is rarely to simply understand the temperature distribution of a part or a system.  It is more often to optimize the design to meet the temperature requirements of the system, to avoid thermal stresses, and to improve the life of the product.  At PADT we understand all of these needs and we know how to set up and automate a simulation to drive towards the needed results.

Experience PADT Expertise in Heat Transfer

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