Free Ansys Downloads

PADT's ANSYS technical support staff understands the value of free stuff.  So they comb the internet, and work diligently through the night to find or create free content for the ANSYS user community to share and use. 

Download Free Tools and material Created by PADT for ANSYS Users

  • xPSD is a tool from PADT that allows a user to take the results of a standard modal analysis and conduct fast, flexible studies on the behavior of the structure under just such loading.
  • AnsKeys HotKeys. This utility provides HotKeys (F1 to F11, Shift F1 to F11, and Control F1 to F12) for old-style GUI users.
  • VB Macro. Used to import ANSYS hardcopy output into Microsoft PowePoint presentations.
  • WinHostId. A program used to display and output ANSYS licensing information.
  • Legacy Tcl/Tk for ANSYS Mechanical APDL training material.
  • The Infamous APDL *GET Cheat Sheet
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